Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When Did Customers Stop Subscribing to Sportscaster Cards?

Has anyone ever read statistics regarding when customers stopped purchasing Sportscaster cards through the subscriptions?  I don't even remember when I stopped getting them, but I probably got no more than 10 of the packs.

Why do I ask?  As I sort the cards I'm going to see if there are some sets that are lacking star power.  Would that be enough to get people to stop purchasing future packs.  Which pack caused this most?

Somehow I am sorting packs numbered 50 - 59 out of order.  Why?  They just ended up at in front of the other unsorted stacks.

Even though I like baseball, I could see how lots of people wouldn't want to keep buying packs after getting #58.  There are no major stars from any sports and eight of the 24 cards in the set are baseball stadiums - Shea, Busch, Fenway, Memorial (Baltimore), Yankee, Candlestick, Veterans (Philadelphia) and Dodger Stadium.  I don't have any of these cards.

While sorting the cards in this range my cards match what I read about sets 56+ being in shorter supply.

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