Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rosemont Added a Third Annual Show - It Was This Weekend

I was excited to check out Rosemont's (IL) new addition to the show schedule.  The same people that run the March and November shows, formerly known as the Sun Times Show, were running this one.  That gave me the impression that it would be another large show like those two.  Not quite.

When I walked in it was easy to notice that the room was about one-fourth of the size of the other large shows.  Admissions was still $10 so I had hopes for a similar show.

On a positive note, there was ample time to look at everything in the room.  There was a bit of all of the usual stuff - old, new, miscellaneous, supplies and autographs.  I found a few Kellogg's cards and some Hostess cards, but there was not a single Sportscaster card to be found.  That's why there are no photos with today's post.

Once I'm done with school I will get back to more variations and whatever else I can find.