Monday, August 24, 2015

Are These Sportscaster Card Samples?

I've gotten a bunch of these Sportscaster cards that have a different number scheme on the back than I've seen elsewhere.  The code is 03-993 with a number after it.

Are these sample or promo cards?

How many are there?

Do these exist for the sets created for other countries?

Is there anyone with a complete history of these cards?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sportscaster Cards from the United Kingdom Set - More Sorting For Me!

I picked up some Sportscaster cards from the UK set recently.  How can you determine the country that they were sold?  Check the bottom right of the card.  In a previous post I linked to a site that details the codes for each country.  Here is a picture of the bottom right of a UK card.  The 13 064 is the code for the UK set.

Now I will need to decide if I am going to collect this set.  I haven't seen a checklist, but I do know that there are many different players than in the North American set.  More information when I find it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Track and Field Cards Keep Coming - Even With Some Prefontaine Sportscaster Cards

I haven't been buying many lots of Sportscaster cards lately.  Why?  I have some many piles that I am sorting but it is a long process.  I've divided the cards into groups of 10 sets (1-09, 10-19, etc).  I'm through sorting about half of the lots but now I'm coaching so free time doesn't exist much.

I couldn't resist buying a few lots this week.  One lot was just track and field cards, so I certainly grabbed that one up.  It had both Prefontaine cards and most stars other than the really high-numbered ones.  Great condition too.

Another lot that I purchased looked to contain lots of the stars that I usually get with low-numbered cards.  We'll see what shows up in that lot.

A third lot is expected soon.  500+ cards for about $15.  More when I see these cards.

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Four Hours at the National Card Show - Where are the Sportscaster Cards Hiding?

On Wednesday I was able to spend all four hours looking around at the National Card Show in Chicago.  I did see a few Magic Johnson and Larry Bird cards but no Gretzky.  I wasn't really looking for these three since I knew the price would be out of my league, but it was nice to see a few.

I only found one display that had a solid stack of Sportscaster cards for sale.  This table had two different stacks, each with at least 500 - 1000 cards.  The more common stack had a price tag of $3.00 each so I didn't spend any time looking through them.  I think the other stack was $5.00 but it didn't have big-name players either.

I made no purchases of Sportscaster cards at the show this year.  It takes forever to sort and document the variations in this set, so I will keep working on that until I can get a complete list of the cards that I need.

Over the past few years I bought many large lots of Sportscaster cards and none have ever contained a Magic, a Bird or a Gretzky.  Not a surprise, but I think I have almost all of the high numbers except for some of the stars.