Sunday, December 25, 2016

Baseball Hall of Fame or Sonia Lannaman - Why The Switch?

Sorting my Sportscaster cards continues.  For most lower-numbered track and field cards I have 5-10 since I've purchased numerous lots of track and field Sportscasters.  It surprised me to find only one Sonia Lannaman.  I quickly checked the back to see if it was from the UK series (13 064) instead of the North American set (003 05).  Nope it is 003 05.

When sorting I got 10-06 from print "A" as the Baseball Hall of Fame.  In print "B" it is Sonia Lannaman.  Why did the Hall of Fame get bumped?

I don't have the blank print run of either card but I do have the blank print run from the UK series and it is the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I expected it to be Sonia since she ran for Great Britain.  Does anyone have anything to add about this one?

The numbers on the back seem to get smaller each year for me but I did check to see that it isn't 10-05 (Tobogganing), 10-08 (Bill Tilden) or 10-09 (Mario Andretti).


  1. I have no knowledge of the situation, but I'd bet that if the HOF got removed from the series, that it was some sort of rights issue. The Hall probably objected.

  2. That's an angle that I didn't consider but I will try to find out more about that.

    If that were the case I would guess that they'd spite the HOF by adding a different baseball player.