Monday, December 26, 2016

More Sorting Complete - Sets 50 - 59

I got through these ten sets.  I have at least one version of each card in sets 50 - 55.  Here is what I am missing in the next four sets.

Set 56 - Marvin Webster (#11), Football's Longest Passes (#18)

Set 57 - Willie Lanier (#01), Dave Winfield (#02)

Set 58 - all eight ballparks - Shea (#01), Busch (#02), Fenway (#05), Memorial (#12), Yankee (#14), Candlestick (#18), Veteran's (#21), Dodger (#23)

Set 59 - Frank Robinson, Manager (#20)

Does anyone want to trade me for these?  If not, at least having this on the blog makes it easy for me to track my want list without being tied to a device or cloud service.

This Sportscaster card has nothing to do with my post today.  I just like the picture and the players depicted - Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller.

Once all sets are sorted I will continue looking for any variations from these sets.

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