Friday, December 23, 2016

Father-Son Bonding Gave Me This Post Idea - Sportscaster Bobsledding

It hasn't snowed here in four days but we had about 4-6 inches of snow at that time.  With the clear skies and decent temperatures (30s) all of the side streets near me are free of snow and ice.  That's why I was so surprised to see a car off the road yesterday on a side street with a speed limit of 25 mph.

My son and I stopped.  I was not sure what type of person would be behind the wheel since the tire tracks showed that this car somehow when about 20 feet off the road when there was no snow, ice or every turns in the road nearby.

A couple was in front and there was probably their high school/college daughter in the back of this big SUV.  It looked like the kind of vehicle that could just drive out of this amount of snow.  When I asked if we could help push them out they seemed a bit confused.  It turns out they were from southern California so (a) they didn't know what I was talking about with pushing and (b) it was a long story how they ended up in the snow.  I believed them about being from California when the two females asked if they should get out of the car before we push it.

It took about three seconds for us to get the car out and I thought nothing of it.  I'd done that so many times as a child and many times one day when I was in four feet of snow in Colorado.  What I didn't realize until my son and I chatted later was that he had (a) never done that before and (b) had never seen anyone push a car out of snow before.

He is a track star so maybe he could switch to bobsledding like Herschel Walker.  Oh, wait he runs distance so I doubt he'd have the power they'd want.  Who would have thought that my son and I were talking about bobsledding today without watching Cool Runnings?

I didn't see a card picturing the athletes pushing off at the start of the run.  It appears as though there isn't one showing that.  Too bad.  

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