Monday, December 12, 2016

My Second Sportscaster Autograph

Fosbury appeared at the National more than once.  I was able to give autographed Sportscaster cards to all of the people I coach with who are old enough to appreciate the cards.  

The second time there was an Olympic pavilion at the National Bob Beamon was also present.  We waited to talk with him until there wasn't a crowd.  That allowed us to talk with him for a while and get a few autographs.  

FYI - I paid for the Beamon autograph but that allowed me to get a few items signed.  That $10 now stands as the most I've ever paid for an autograph.  There was no charge for the inscription - "29-2 1/2 1968" which I didn't even ask for anyhow.  I do like that he included it.  

This is the picture that really captures the amazing feat.  Beamon broke the World Record by over 21 inches and won the event by well over two feet.  Even if altitude and wind were considered to assist his jump it still is amazing that no one else took advantage of the conditions - it was the Olympics and no one was boycotting!

Mike Powell now holds the record, having surpassed Beamon by jumping 29-4.4 in 1991.  No one else has surpassed Beamon's mark.  

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