Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sportscaster Series #01 Variations that I Have Found So Far. Please Pass Along Other Information That You Have

I found it!  After a long search of the house I finally found my notebook that documented my Sportscaster card checklist.  I won't computerize it until after I've gone through all of the set.

Sorting my thousands of Sportscaster cards is taking forever.  They don't sort as easily as baseball cards because these cards are so thin.  Having the numbers being really small doesn't help either.

For now I'm only looking at the set sold in the U.S.A., otherwise known as the American set or the North American set.

Here is what I found for the 24 cards in Series #1 so far.   It looks like the print run can be either 'A' or blank where there is no letter in bold.  For the blank print run I'm finding then printed in either Japan or Italy.  So I'm working on getting all there versions for Series #1.

I have every card from print run 'A' and every card from the blank print run printed in Japan.  Here are the back variations I've seen.  I have yet to check for variations on the front of the cards.

1-01 Roger de Coster - 'A' has updated awards
1-02 Bobby Orr - 'A' has more text, less awards
1-03 Muhammad Ali - 'A' has updated awards
1-04 Jesse Owens
1-05 Guy Drut
1-06 Faina Melnik
1-07 Mark Spitz
1-08 Michael Rousseau
1-09 Fanny Blankers-Koen
1-10 Bernard Thevenet - 'A' has updated awards and text
1-11 Michel Broillet - 'A' has more text
1-12 Nordic Skiing (person pictured?)
1-13 Fishing (person pictured?)
1-14 Frank Shorter
1-15 Johnny Unitas
1-16 Anton Geesnik - 'A' has different text
1-17 Pele - 'A' has added text
1-18 Jimmy Connors
1-19 Fencing
1-20 Jets vs. Colts (people pictured?)
1-21 Tom Seaver - 'A' has updated awards
1-22 Lasse Viren
1-23 Alberto Juantorena - 'A' has updated awards
1-24 Pete Maravich - 'A' has updated awards

Please let me know if you have seen other variations.  I'm sure I will find out who is in the Jets/Colts picture once I put in an effort.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Can You Relate to My Sportscaster Card Dilema?

I'm working on a master set of Sportscaster cards.  My goal was to post once a week or so and show some cards and some variations.   I've got one problem that is hindering my progress - I can't find my binder that I'm using as a checklist.

This is embarrassing since I am quite an experienced Excel user.  I hope to find this binder over the holidays.  Injury doesn't allow me to search for it in my basement any time soon.

I hope that my next post will mention all of the variations that I've found in the first series of Sportscaster cards.  I just need to find the binder.

More soon I hope.