Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I've Finished Sorting Sets #001 - #029

I've finally gotten through the first 29 packs of Sportscaster cards.  While I don't have every variation, I am only missing two different cards from all of these sets.

Walter Payton - I think that this card is somewhere in a top loader somewhere in my storage locker.

Dave Kingman - I know that I don't have this card because when I looked it up online I didn't even recognize it.

Getting all of the variations is not a short-term goal, but getting one of each card certainly is my plan.  If you've got these two to trade let me know how we can make a deal.

I'm done sorting decks #60 through #103 since I have a lot less cards from these decks.  I assume that I will have most cards from sets #30 - #59 since I have lots of cards.  My guess is that I will be missing major stars and probably some baseball cards.  More later.

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