Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sportscaster Series #14 Variations that I Have Found So Far

Here is what I found for the 24 cards in Series #14 so far.   It looks like the first print run has no letter.  I've only found those from Italy.  Is there a first print run from Japan?  In addition, I am finding print run "A" and print run "B".  So I'm working on getting all three versions for Series #14.

I have every card from print run 'A' and I am only missing one card (#09) from the first print run.  For print run "B" I am missing #03, #09, #11, #12 and #18.

Here are the back variations I've seen.  I have yet to check for variations on the front of the cards.

14-06 Kayaking - 'A' and 'B' have different text
14-07 Motorcycle Racing 500 cc WCH - 'A' has 1978 update; 'B' has 1979 update 
14-08 Victor Saneev Track and Field 'A' and 'B' have different subtitles
14-21 Heini Hemmi Alpine Skiing - 'A' and 'B' have updated records

03 - George Foreman
09 - Oakland A's
11 - Maury Wills
12 - Emil Zatopek
18 - Oscar Robertson

I was surprised to see that I am missing Zatopek's other versions since I have lots of his cards since I've purchased numerous of track and field lots.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sportscaster Cards from France

Track and Field cards are my first priority with Sportscaster cards.  Up until recently I had only one card from the French set.  Recently, I picked over over 60 cards from this set.  One card is from Judo and all of the others are Boxing cards (Boxe).

It's great to have these cards, even if they are not in perfect condition.  I don't know if I will ever try to complete the French set since I hear that is difficult to do.

If I get a chance I will try to trade them for track and field cards.  That shouldn't be too difficult since it seems as though here in the USA the most popular cards are from the four major sports - football, basketball, baseball and hockey.  After that, the boxing cards seem to be the only other ones with a big following.

Of the boxers that I purchased, about 20 of them featured boxers who I had heard of before.  Most were big names - Ali, Dempsey, Tunney, etc.  Here are a few pictures if you haven't seen a French version of Sportscaster cards before.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Few Purchases to Help Me Trade?

I've gotten a large amount of Sportscaster cards from the UK and Finland sets.  I already have the Steve Prefontaine card from the Finland set but I couldn't resist buying a few more since I know I need many other cards.  Maybe I can trade these duplicates for some of the other challenging cards in the set?

Since I've yet to see a complete checklist, that will probably be a long way down the line.  Has anyone else seen complete checklists for each of the sets?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Grolier Life in America Cards

Are these Grolier Life in America readily available in bulk?  I wouldn't mind getting the entire set of 2,600 cards if they can be had for a low price.  Why?  I would enjoy reading them and I like the photos and design.

These cards are quite similar to Sportscaster cards.  I need to do some research to see how many track and field cards are in the set.  If the set is too much money, I certainly plan to get the track and field cards.

If you have any information on these cards please let me know.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Great Site for Track and Field Card Checklists

Here is another great site for track and field checklists.  I like how they detail which cards in a multi-sport set are track and field cards.


I don't know how active the site is so I sent them an e-mail about finding a checklist for foreign Sportscaster cards.   I hope to at least get a checklist of all of the track and field athletes featured in the other Sportscaster sets.  There are plenty of cards in those sets that don't exist in the North American version of Sportscaster cards.

The site categorizes the sets in alphabetical order.

I have a bunch of track and field cards that I don't know much about so I will hopefully learn more about this using this site.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Swedish Sportscaster Cards - I Now Have a Few Duplicates to Trade

I'm up to 171 different Swedish Sportscaster cards, all track and field.  I still have no idea about a checklist.  Has anyone found out anything about that?

I've also now got eight duplicates shown in the picture.  They are not perfect but they look good.

I'd be willing to trade these for cards that I need from this set.  

I have lots of doubles from the Finland version of these cards.  Unfortunately I don't have baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards because most people seem to sell those separately and then dump the other stuff in a lot.  That's good for me getting track and field cards but if I want complete sets that is a challenge.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Card Collecting Books Don't Always Ignore Sportscaster Cards

Many collecting books don't mention Sportscaster cards.  The book in the link below makes some nice comments about these cards.

Collecting Vintage Football Cards - A Complete Guide With Checklists

I'm still looking for that master checklist.  At this point I'm planning on creating one myself, something I've already made some progress with using Excel.  I haven't decided on the best online platform for such a checklist.  Does anyone have suggestions?