Thursday, November 1, 2018

I'm Still Planning to Cover Sportscaster Cards

Sorry that I've been negligent here.  Next week I need to find my hard drive and restore my Sportscaster checklist data.  I spent too much time on it to start over.

I haven't gotten anything new of note and I've seen very few large lots available on ebay.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

No Billy Mills?

Billy Mills was speaking at a running store near me yesterday.  It was great to hear his stories from running and from his experiences outside of running. 

How did he not get a Sportscaster card?  There are over 300 track and field cards in the set.   

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sportscaster Cards at the National

I only spent four hours at the National but since I've been to this show many times, I know which booths I can quickly skip. 

I found one booth the Sportscaster cards on display, another with a handful of them and some dealers with one or two cards.  I spent some time talking to the dealer who had a display case dedicated to Sportscaster cards.  He said that sales had been good.  He was selling the North American version of the cards.  He had the basic stars from our four main sports.  He also mentioned that these cards aren't showing up often anywhere.  Is that a good thing?

He mentioned that he had thousands of others with him, but I didn't ask to see them since he didn't mention anything about prices.  If I had extra time I would have gone back there, but four hours was my limit since we were doing a mile road race last night in West Virginia. 

He had fair prices of a few bucks per card.  That's not bad if you are a player or team collector.  For me, I'm used to buying bulk Sportscaster cards, so I will only pay that much for the remaining cards on my want list. 

I came away with nothing from this trip.  I didn't even seen any of the expensive three cards on display. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Shut Out Over Six Hours

I spent over six hours at a yard sale throughout the state and I saw almost every kind of collectible.  Of course I didn't see a Sportscaster card of any kind.  That is always the case.  I hope to have better luck at the National this weekend.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sportscaster Cards at the National

I've had very little luck finding Sportscaster cards at the National.  I will try again this year with a focus on getting closer to completing the set, other than Bird, Magic Johnson and Gretzky. 

It might be a waste of time familiarizing myself with the list of cards that I am missing, but I might as well be prepared in case someone has them at an affordable price.

I am also looking for 1961 Topps in VG condition and all things Kellogg's.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Another Question About Grolier's Cards

I watched that 1984 race on TV and then went to South Carolina to watch the 1996 Olympic Trials. 

The story mentions that Ryun never fulfilled his dream of winning Olympic Gold.  Many others have had that dream and not gotten past winning a high school state title.  Ryun did okay - he won an Olympic silver medal or as the card says "took only a silver medal".

I don't see the Grolier cards on the  Has anyone found a checklist?  How about at least a checklist of track stars?