Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Has Anyone Seen a Sportscaster Card Like This?

I've got thousands of these cards and this one stands out as unique in my collection.   Rosie Mittermaier won three medals at the 1976 Olympics including two gold ones.  Her Sportscaster card sure makes her look like a world champion.

That's great, but that's not the reason I am showing this card.  Check out the back of the card.

 Somehow the image from the front got printed on the back and it is behind the text.  It looks great.  They should have done this with the entire set to make the back more interesting.  Would that have been too costly?

I have multiples of her cards and no other ones show this print defect.  Has anyone else since cards like this?  I would love to get some of the track and field set with something like this on the back.

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