Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sportscaster Series #05 Variations that I Have Found So Far. Now I'm Seeing Three Variations for Some Cards

Here is what I found for the 24 cards in Series #5 so far.   It looks like the first print run has no letter.  Those can be found printed either in Japan or Italy.  In addition, I am finding print run "A", "B" and  "C".  So I'm working on getting all five versions for Series #5.

I have every card from print runs 'B' and "C".  I am only missing one card from the first (blank) print run printed in Japan - Babe Ruth (05-11).  I only have one card from the blank print run and printed in Italy.  

Here are the back variations I've seen.  I have yet to check for variations on the front of the cards.  It looks like this deck is the first to have three variations on the back for any card.

5-02 Mike Hailwood - 'B' and 'C' have text about a 1978 comeback added
5-07 Tourist Trophy 'B' and 'C' have 1978 records added

5-10 Basketball Referee's Signals 'B' and 'C' have an added sub-title
5-11 Babe Ruth - I don't see differences but I am missing the blank prints and 'A'
5-12 Trials (Motorcycle) - 'B' has 1977-78 stats; 'C' has 1979 stats --- 3 variations
5-15 World Cup Scorers  'B' and 'C' have 1978 scorers
5-21 James Hunt  'B' has 1977 stats; 'C' has 1977 and career end line --- 3 variations
5-24 World Championship for Sidecars  'B' has 1977-78 stats; 'C' has 1977-79 stats --- 3 variations

I haven't loaded many pictures of many Sportscaster cards yet.  Enjoy this photo from my Kellogg's blog.  Tomorrow look for pictures of backs with four variations.

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