Friday, March 25, 2016

Sportscaster Series #07 Variations that I Have Found So Far. Does Anyone Have Print Run "A"?

Here is what I found for the 24 cards in Series #7 so far.   It looks like the first print run has no letter.  Those can be found printed either in Japan or Italy.  In addition, I am finding print run "A", "B" and  "C".  So I'm working on getting all five versions for Series #7.

I have every card from the blank print run (Japan) except 07-16 which is Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris,   I have all cards from deck "B" and from "C".  I have no cards from the "B" print run.  I only have four cards from the blank print run from Italy.

Here are the back variations I've seen.  There are probably a few more since I don't have any cards from the "A" print run.

7-02 Willie Shoemaker - 'B' and 'C' have added text
7-04 Don Schollander - 'B' and 'C' have different awards
7-05 Eddy Merckx - 'B' and 'C' have different text
7-08 Ice Hockey - USSR - 'B' and 'C' have different text
7-10 Valeri Borzov - 'B' and 'C' have year in records - 1979
7-14 T&F The Morat to Fribourg Racer - 'B' and 'C' have added text
7-17 Brad Park - 'B' and 'C' have different awards

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