Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sportscaster Series #08 Variation - Does Print Run "C" Exist?

In Sportscaster Series #08 I only have one card from the "B" print run.  As you can guess from the title I don't have any cards from print run "C".

For the first print run, I only have 14 of the 24 cards.  All of these were printed in Italy.  Is there a blank print run from Japan?

I do have all 24 cards from print run "A", so I can at least compare them to the 14 cards in the first print run.  Here are the two back variations I've seen.

8-05 T&F The 800m - 'A' has the updated world record 
8-23 Rafer Johnson - 'A' has added awards.  I will check on this one.  It doesn't make sense to have added awards since he was no longer competing.  Maybe the variation is on the card before or after this one?

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