Thursday, March 24, 2016

Finally, A Set that Focuses on the Stars of Track and Field

I like that the Sportscaster set has lots of track and field cards.  More than 300 cards exist for track and field athletes.  That is more than 10% of the set.  

Lots of track stars and olympic medalists can be had for under a quarter since most people are interested in the four main sports (FB, BB, BSK, Hockey) and boxing.  When I buy cheap lots they don't have the big stars, but the track cards are rarely picked through other than Prefontaine cards and high numbers.  

I plan to post specific cards using the biographies listed on the back.  I will try to include a few things more recent for each athlete if there is anything worth noting. 

I've found cards of people I've met, ran against, coached against and even one of a guy who was my coach.  I'm going to keep checking out the pictures to figure out who else is in some of them.  Stay tuned.

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