Monday, January 16, 2017

Ugh! I Really Need a Checklist for These Foreign Sportscaster Cards

I was trying to inventory the Sportscaster cards that I have from Sweden, Finland and the UK.  I started with Sweden since I have between 100 and 200 track and field cards and nothing else.

Of the 104 that I entered so far here are some stats:

1.  Only 33 of the cards have the same card number that was used in the USA (North American) version of Sportscaster cards.

2.  17 cards are different from the ones produced in the USA version.

3.  54 cards appear in both sets but with different card numbers.  I didn't check yet to see if there are variations since I can't read the backs which I assume are in Swedish.

If these ratios hold true, I might not want to get more of these cards since it will be another long-term project just to get a checklist created.  My work from the USA set isn't even paying off much.

I give up!

I can't find the stack of cards that has the Beamon and Jenner above so they haven't been included in these counts.

I really dread sorting the cards from Finland because I have a lot more and they use a different numbering scheme.

Someone must have a checklist of these cards.  Maybe not, since I haven't even found a checklist for the North American Sportscaster cards.

On a positive note, I have completed my list of Sportscaster cards from French set.  Unfortunately, I am still at one card - the one shown above.


  1. For North America