Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Swedish Sportscaster Card Updates

I found the remainder of my Swedish Sportscaster cards.  There were not many more.  Most of the track stars were in that stack, except for Prefontaine.

From what I've read, it looks like there might be 76 decks from Sweden.  I have cards as high as deck 73 so that makes sense.

I still have only track and field cards, so I don't know anything else about this set.

I've been too busy to get some different pictures.  

I have 127 singles.  Here is the breakdown:

1.  All of the stars that I just added to my checklist have the same numbers as the USA set counterparts.  Now I have 54 cards with the same card number that was used in the USA (North American) version of Sportscaster cards.

2.  18 cards are different from the ones produced in the USA version.

3.  55 cards appear in both sets but with different card numbers.  I didn't check yet to see if there are variations since I can't read the backs which I assume are in Swedish.

Good news for someone.  I have seven doubles that I'd be willing to trade for my other foreign Sportscaster needs.  I've got Faina Melnik, Abebe Bikila, Guy Drut, Alberto Juantorena, David Hemery, Tom B. Hansen and Eremitage-loppet.  The last two cards seem to not be in the USA set.  I still need to confirm the last card since there is a language issue for me.

Does anyone know how many track and field cards are in this set?

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