Monday, January 2, 2017

I Thought About This Card Recently - Sportscaster 07-14 The Morat to Frbourg Race

I didn't know anything about this race but I thought about this card on New Year's Eve.  Why?

We ran two small races on New Year's Eve / New Year's Day.  I was thinking about how different they were compared to this card that I was just sorting.  

I've been racing for a long time and these two races had starts that I'd never seen before.  Usually a race begins with a verbal command, a whistle, a gun, etc.  Not these races.  The morning race begin with someone saying "on your marks" and then someone else blasting the horn on their car.  At least we thought it was planned that way since we all started running.  

The second race was run in the rain just before midnight but they didn't change their plans.   After a verbal "on your marks" they threw a lit pack of 10 firecrackers about 10 yards in front of us.  When the first one exploded the race began.  Only nine of them went of before the leaders went past.  Everyone freaked out when the last one exploded in the middle of the small herd of runners.  Good memories. 

So, I decided to first find out if this Morat to Fribourg Race still existed.  It does.  I also decided to check out the great story on the back of this card.

The race started officially in 1933.  It sounds like a fun even to do, but how far is it?  It looks like the race is currently 17, 170m or 10.67 miles.  The record is now 50:28.

This seems like a fun event to do.  It still draws nearly 10,000 people each October.

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