Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Opened My First Sportscaster Pack Since 1979

Some of the packs that I purchased had torn plastic.  I decided to open pack #21 because it was from set C.  I didn't have any of pack 21 cards from set C so I just added 24 new cards to my collection.

The cards came out looking great.  They are so sensitive.  These cards can't really even handle stacking and/or sorting.  They are as flimsy as photos, but the stories are great.

Since I am trying to get all of the variations documented in this set I compared this print run ("C") to the others.  I have every card from "B" so this was fairly easy to do.  I'm only missing one card from "A" and I have every card from the first run that is without a letter designation.

Only two cards from the "C" print run differ from "B".  Card 21-01 Olympic Downhill added the 1980 champion to the list.

Card #21-21 Weightlifting Records added new records.  Every version of this card varied from the previous one so I have four different versions of this card,

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