Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey - I Just Got a Few More Unopened Packs

I haven't seen any affordable packs in a long time.  I purchased a few last week.  Some had torn wrappers as seen in the photo, but that's okay.  I will probably open a few of them.

The set on the right is pack #21.  That includes cards of Don Sutton, Joe Rudi, Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Leonard, Stan Musial and Muhammad Ali.

The set on the left is pack #04.  This pack includes Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, Rick Barry, Johnny Bench, Dorothy Hamill, Bruce Jenner and Jonty Skinner, who is someone I worked with before.

I will post pictures of any of the cards if they look Mint once I free them from the pack.  These cards don't stay in great shape when they are stacked together.  The photos are easily scratched.

If anyone is interested in any cards from this set let me know and maybe we can make a trade.  

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