Monday, July 4, 2016

My Sportscaster Goal for the National Convention

I'm only going to the National on Saturday this year.  I've got lots of other fun running events keeping me busy when I head out to New Jersey.

I don't have goals to complete the entire set yet since I've yet to completely sort my mountains of Sportscaster cards.  As a result, I will go with some other challenging goals.

1.  Find a card from each of the countries that I don't have.  I think I've gotten only four or five different so that leaves a few more.  I prefer that the cards come from track and field or the major US sports, but any card will do if I don't have that country of origin.

2.  Find out more about the unopened decks from someone.  Why?  I'm guessing that these can easily be resealed.  Maybe I can learn how to determine if a pack is legit because I'd like to own a few more unopened packs and maybe someday all of them.

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