Saturday, July 9, 2016

I Read This on Collector's Universe Message Boards About Sportscaster Foreign Cards

A discussion thread on Collector's Universe was discussing whether to get Sportscaster cards PSA graded.  I was surprised at the cost being $18, which is way too much for all but a few of the stars and high numbered cards.   Stars and high numbers from some of the foreign sets would also be worth grading.  

Then people posted on the availability of Sportscaster cards from some of the different foreign sets.  A few people ordered them from most available to least available.  Here is a link to the thread - Collectors Universe Discussion on Sportscaster Cards

Since the thread might disappear at some point, here are some of the highlights.

I've heard all along that the Dutch cards are the most rare.  That was echoed by the comments.  The Belgian set was listed as being the next most difficult to find.  These were both considered to be much more rare than any other sets.  

It seems as though the German and Italian sets are the next most difficult.

There weren't many comments about the Swedish and French sets.   They fall somewhere in the middle.

I was surprised to see comments that the Finnish set was easier to find than the United Kingdom set as well as the North American set printed in Japan.  I'm not even sure if I have more cards in my North American sets from Japan or Italy.

These comments don't surprise me based on what I've seen on ebay and at card shows.  I will be looking for these cards at the National soon.

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