Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sportscaster Series #09 Variations That I've Found So Far

In Sportscaster Series #09 I don't have any cards from print runs "B" and "C".

For the first print run, I only have 12 of the 24 cards.  All of these were printed in Italy.  Is there a blank print run from Japan?

I do have all 24 cards from print run "A", so I can at least compare them to the 12 cards in the first print run.  Here are the three back variations I've seen.

9-16 Basketball - A Game for Giants - 'A' has different text
9-19 Alpine Skiing - The Two Garmisch Races, 1973 -  'A' has added results
9-24 Alpine Skiing - Use-Marie Morerod - 'A' has added text

I have a lot more from Series #10 so stay tuned for more variations.

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