Friday, February 19, 2016

Jesse Owens Used to Show Up at Our Park District Events, Especially Track Meets

Today the Jesse Owens movie is out in theaters today.  I had the US version of this card as kid since I subscribed to Sportscaster cards for a while when they were introduced.  Since he was in deck #2 I had his card right away.  

Owens worked for the Chicago Park District for some time.  I remember meeting him at some Park District events.  I distinctly remember having his autograph on a great 5x7 picture.  I kept my autographs in the top drawer of a nightstand in our bedroom.  I kept my cards in boxes on the top shelf of our closet because I valued cards more than autographs I guess.  The cards and everything hidden away in the closet survived.   The autograph didn't fare so well.   

I've got his Starting Lineup figure and a few other modern cards featuring Owens.  

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