Tuesday, March 12, 2019

An Oddity With the Belgian Sportscaster Cards

Update - these are from Belgium and/or The Netherlands.

When I was collecting baseball cards in the 1970s there were cards attached in Dynamite magazine, which I didn't ever get.  A few friends read it so eventually I ended up with these panels of cards.  They are easy to distinguish from regular cards from the late 1970s due to the obvious perforation used to attach them into the magazine.

I found a bunch of Belgian Sportscaster cards with the squared-off corners and perforations.  The card stock actually seemed a bit thinner than the normal Sportscaster cards.  Yes, I said thinner.  I guess that is possible.

The numbering is the same so they are not promos like I've seen with some of the USA version of these cards.  Here are some photos.

In the photo above the cards on the left all have the perforations and squared-off corners.  The card on the right was also included in the pile of normal cards.

Above is a poorly-done closeup picture of the same cards.  

The front of the cards have a different color for the top portion.

Maybe I missed a few of these in the box, but these cards above also have perforations.  Sportscaster lots seem to rarely have duplicates since they were sold one pack at a time.  This lot didn't seem to have duplicates either, other than these cards with the perforations.  

Does anyone have any idea about these insert cards?  

Did the USA version or other Sportscaster versions do this?  I've gotten a lot of Sportscaster cards and I've never seen one like this before.  

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