Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday at the National

I picked up the following nine cards.  What makes them different for me?  They are from the set that originated in Sweden.  I don't have many cards from this set.

The next six cards are from Finland.  I have a lot of cards from this set.

I did something out of the ordinary this year - I brought a checklist to the show.  Only one dealer had more than a few Sportscaster cards.  Unfortunately, this was the same dealer I bought from last year and he didn't seem to bring any different cards.

I did consult my list so that I could at least get a few cards that I needed.  I picked up two baseball cards that I didn't have and one new variation.  Not the best, but I do like moving forward on this set.

Time to see how many cards I have in the set of 2,184 cards.  It looks like I need about 117 cards not counting variations.

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