Saturday, July 29, 2017

Friday Shopping at the National

I only saw Sportscaster cards at one table yesterday.  I will spend more time tomorrow looking for more.  I couldn't resist buying the cards shown below.  Tomorrow I'd like to find a few to get me closer to getting a complete set.

I ended up buying some of the track stars from the set printed in Finland.  I think I only needed one of these, but I always grab the distance runners when the price is right.

More tomorrow after the show.


  1. Pretty sure I saw this table - I rifles through several large stacks of Sportscasters but just didn't pull the trigger on anything. Looks like you thinned their stock by quite a bit!

  2. I will check out that table a bit more tomorrow. I will bring my checklist too. Last year I bought my first French edition Sportscaster cards from this guy.