Monday, August 3, 2015

My Four Hours at the National Card Show - Where are the Sportscaster Cards Hiding?

On Wednesday I was able to spend all four hours looking around at the National Card Show in Chicago.  I did see a few Magic Johnson and Larry Bird cards but no Gretzky.  I wasn't really looking for these three since I knew the price would be out of my league, but it was nice to see a few.

I only found one display that had a solid stack of Sportscaster cards for sale.  This table had two different stacks, each with at least 500 - 1000 cards.  The more common stack had a price tag of $3.00 each so I didn't spend any time looking through them.  I think the other stack was $5.00 but it didn't have big-name players either.

I made no purchases of Sportscaster cards at the show this year.  It takes forever to sort and document the variations in this set, so I will keep working on that until I can get a complete list of the cards that I need.

Over the past few years I bought many large lots of Sportscaster cards and none have ever contained a Magic, a Bird or a Gretzky.  Not a surprise, but I think I have almost all of the high numbers except for some of the stars.

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  1. Thanks for shsring. How many sets were printed? Wonder what is cost of mint set. How about Gretzky Magic n Bird sell for?