Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sportscaster Card Numbering System - How to Tell Which Set You are Building

The number system on the sportscaster cards is a bit more complicated than the average card set.

What is called the USA or North American set was printed in both Italy and Japan.

The UK set is quite similar.  The backs are the same, but some players have been changed out in this set.  More about those differences in a future post.

Sets from other countries use different numbering and have text in their home language.  I could explain it well, but it is already done well on the following website -

How to Tell Which Country Your Sportscaster Card is From.  

There is also more information about the sets on this site.  I cannot confirm all of these numbers yet since I only have cards from the North American, UK and Finland sets.

The set, deck and card number designation on those above is at the bottom right of the card.  Here is a breakdown of those codes.

03 005 20-23

03 005 - This is from the North American/UK set

20 - This is from deck #20 otherwise known as a pack.  Each deck came with 24 cards in a cellophane wrapper.  I will show one soon.

23 - the card number within the set.  I will try to learn more about sealed decks in a future post.

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