Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some Players Like Bruce Jenner Show Up on Many Sportscaster Cards - Checklists Might Not Reflect This

There are over 300 different track and field cards in the Sportscaster set.  The entire set is well over 2,000 cards not counting variations.  There are cards for individuals and cards for different track events.  In order to track down your favorite athletes, one needs to see a great checklist or look at each card to determine whose picture is on the card.

Only one of the cards below is actually listed on the checklists as Bruce Jenner.  One needs to really check the cards to see that all four cards picture Bruce Jenner.  Usually there is a caption on the front that will name the persons pictured, but sometimes the caption is generic.  I am still researching some of the captions without names.  If I complete this I plan to create a master checklist which will include all pictured athletes.

The back of one of the cards refers to Jenner as Mr. Track and Field.  I couldn't make this up.

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