Saturday, February 27, 2021

Trying to Get a Few More Decks Done

 Nothing is going on here.  Not really any shows and there isn't much to find on ebay lately.  I would like to finish my decks up to 60 so here is the short list of what I need.  Do you have any of these?

  • 59-20 Frank Robinson
  • 59-14 Yankee Stadium
  • 58-20 Veterans Stadium
  • 57-02 Dave Winfield
  • 57-01 Willie Lanier
  • 56-18 Longest Passes
  • 56-11 Marvin Webster

I am certainly interested in finding any cards on my want list, see the right side of the blog, but these ones would be great additions since they are the last seven that I need to be done with sets 1 through 59.  

In the meantime, I am hoping that the world becomes safer for everyone again soon and that the National happens this year since it is near my house.

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